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I want to share some things with you that I have found to be

truly awesome

The first thing, I guess, is that I personally have come to know that there is really no greater joy in life, than to have the Lord God as the object of all your desire; to have a will in your heart that is totally given to Him.  There is no feeling of joy or happiness greater than this.  The Bible tells me this is so, and in my life's experience I have come to know it is true.  I hope you can know this for yourself too, because when this Love has touched your life there isn't much that can shake you and nothing can take it away from you.  The problem is, to have a will in your heart given completely to God isn't something that we can do . The Bible says that true faith and believing is the gift of God, given to us solely on the basis of His mercy.  When we realize our inability to please Him and to do the right thing, and acknowledge that there is no way we can be worthy of Him, then we can begin to know the way He has provided for us.

God came to us in the person of His son Jesus Christ for the sole purpose of enduring the wrath of God that is hanging over our heads because of our sins.  Jesus stood before God the Father after taking all the sins of everyone who would believe in Him upon Himself.  As He stood there, God the Father judged Him, found Him guilty with all of our sins, and punished Him, by pouring out His wrath upon Him -- punishing Him for our sins.  Because He was judged in our place, God promises that all who come to Him believing in Jesus and trusting in His work, will be received by God and never have to be judged (because Jesus was judged in their place already).  Anyone who is trusting in their own work for salvation, or who could care less about who Jesus is and what He did, will have to stand alone and be judged by God, on Judgment Day.  They will have to bear their own sins and be judged, and everyone who is judged, will be found guilty and will have to bear the wrath of God's righteous indignation upon themselves. Since it is difficult for our minds to comprehend how terrible this will be, God uses the picture of being burned with fire eternally to help us understand.  Here is another way to look at it:

God is the source of all that is good .  Everything good that we experience is from Him. In this life we experience good things and bad things, but God did not create things to be this way.  He originally created everything good.  In the Garden of Eden there was no death, no sorrow, no pain.  God created man as the crown of His creation and gave the earth to man.  When man turned his back on God's love for him and sinned against Him he, in effect, separated himself from God, and all that belonged to him was also separated from God.  Man and the earth became separated from God and His goodness.  When you don't have goodness what do you have?  When you don't have light what do you have?  Darkness, right?  So when goodness is absent you have badness, or in other words, evil.  This is why we now experience good and evil in this world.  It is only because God is so perfectly good and kind and loving, that he did not allow us to be completely separated from Him in the beginning.  He still blesses us with good things in this world, but since the world has been separated from Him it is now under a curse --there is death, and pain, and sorrow; everything wears out and fades away, nothing lasts, etc.  And in us there is also a curse --we have a nature that is naturally sinful.  We are more inclined to do evil than good.  And we have a natural  tendency to rebel and disbelieve in the God that created us and loved us, than we are to love Him back.  Because of this, we deserve God's hatred in return, not His love; we deserve His wrath and because God is perfect in every way, this means that He is perfectly just; and justice demands that crime (or sin) be punished.  It is not right for wrongdoing to go unpunished.  God, in His perfect righteousness must punish sin. In fact, because He is so perfectly good He has a perfect hatred for what is evil.  This may be hard for us to understand because we don't have a perfect hatred for evil, we actually enjoy much of it, that is why we sin.  But it is a good thing to hate what is bad, isn't it? And God is perfectly good, so He has a perfect hatred for what is evil.  The unfortunate truth is that we, in fact, by nature, are evil.  And mankind became this way by separating ourselves from Him and in our fallen nature are continually trying to separate ourselves further and further from Him by seeking to gratify our sinful desires.  For this, the Lord will give us what we want.  A place completely separated from Him, a place without Him and without goodness; where no goodness will exist; where only the wrath of God will be felt -- for an eternity.  A place the Lord refers to as Hell, a place we need to be saved from.

Wonderfully, God has provided a way of escape .  Because He Himself is Love, He has made a way for us to be saved from the certain consequence of eternal damnation.  As I mentioned before, that way is through the person of the Lord Jesus Christ who endured the wrath of God so that all who believe in Him would not have to.  And the Lord promises that all who come to God trusting in Jesus' work for their salvation will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit, who is God's very presenceThe Lord refers to His Holy Spirit as the "deposit" upon our soul, which is the guarantee that He will bring us to be with Him in Heaven.   And this Spirit of God dwelling within us will give us a will and a desire to want to love God and do His will. The person who has the Holy Spirit seeks to please God, not because they are trying to get to Heaven, but because they know they are going to Heaven, and they want to thank God for this truly awesome gift which they did not deserve.  They know they are saved, simply because they believe, and because they see in their heart that they have a will that wants to please God (this is one evidence of the Holy Spirit within them).   They realize that God has had mercy upon them and has opened their eyes to see and understand their need for Jesus and that God has saved them, by giving them the gift of faith.  In our sinful nature we are not interested it truth, or God.  God the Father draws us to Jesus Christ by putting these desires into our hearts.  It is sometimes difficult to understand how God saves us, but one thing we can understand more easily, is our need to be saved.  When we throw ourselves at His mercy, recognizing our inability to save ourselves, He promises to save us -- and as we walk with Him, He promises to lead us into understanding, and help us realize more and more the work He has done, and the work He continues to do in us.  All glory and praise and honor be to Him.

In the light of all this information, a person might ask, "How Do I Come To God?"

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